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Facing criminal or civil litigation is always tough. However, you can always make things a bit easier by hiring an experienced attorney. Patrick Sharpe is a Columbia, SC-based lawyer. He specializes in providing criminal defense to those charged with drug possession, drug distribution, or DUI. Attorney Sharpe also has expertise in general litigation. Therefore, you can turn to him when you’re in need of a personal injury lawyer. Or, when your property has been damaged and you need civil litigation. Attorney Sharpe will take the time to fully understand your situation. Additionally, he walks you through the process each step of the way. Be sure you hire a lawyer who gives you personalized care. You can get in touch with attorney Sharpe today by calling the office. Plus, you can receive a free consultation. Don’t waste any time. Get started preparing your defense as soon as possible.

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Licensed to Practice in South Carolina
Federal & District Court of Appeals

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