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Theft and stealing can bring a whole range of criminal charges. In addition, these charges have their own unique penalties. Because of this, it’s important to hire an expert lawyer for theft when you find yourself charged. The charge of petty theft may not sound all that serious to some people. However, a conviction can still have consequences that harshly effect you. As a result, finding a petty theft lawyer is usually a good idea. People also sometimes assume that being arrested for shoplifting isn’t a big deal. But depending on the property in question, this crime could actually result in a felony charge. In this situation, you’ll probably find yourself searching the web for the best “shoplifting attorney near me.” Thankfully, if you’re located in Sumter County, SC, Patrick Sharpe is the attorney for shoplifting you need. As a lawyer for theft, Patrick Sharpe is located in Columbia, SC and serves surrounding areas, including:

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Courts place theft charges into two main categories. The law considers petty theft to be the less severe of the two charges. Grand larceny is the more severe charge. However, grand larceny can be further divided into two more categories of more and less severe. Each of these charges is dependent on the stolen property’s value. It’s important to understand what type of theft you’re being charged with. An experienced lawyer for theft will be able to walk you through your situation. So, instead of searching for some “shoplifting attorney near me,” hire attorney Patrick Sharpe. He’s the expert attorney for shoplifting in Sumter County, SC who will work to defend your rights. Get in touch today.

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Shoplifting can quickly turn into a serious charge. This is especially true when talking about high-value goods. In South Carolina, petty theft becomes grand larceny when the stolen property’s value is over two thousand dollars. Critically, the courts consider grand larceny to be a felony. This means that stealing expensive goods from a retail store could quickly turn into a life-changing mistake. When something unfortunate like this happens, you need an expert lawyer for theft. Searching online for “the best shoplifting attorney near me” could take you down any number of rabbit holes. Save yourself time and frustration and call Patrick Sharpe, an experienced attorney for shoplifting in Sumter County, SC. You can rely on attorney Sharpe for an aggressive defense when you find yourself facing these charges.

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Shoplifting Attorney Near Me

Grand larceny can have some serious consequences. However, this charge can become even more serious when the stolen property’s value is over ten thousand dollars. A lawyer for theft should explain each charge in depth. When the stolen property is valued between two and ten thousand dollars, the defendant will be charged with grand larceny. This charge carries a penalty of up to five years imprisonment. However, the law raises the penalty to ten years of imprisonment when the stolen property’s value is over ten thousand dollars. While both of these charges are felonies, their penalties are not equal. So, be sure you’ve hired an expert lawyer for theft when you’ve been charged. Patrick Sharpe is the petty theft lawyer near Sumter County, SC who is ready to come to your defense.

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Petty Theft Lawyer

Sometimes people wonder if bringing back stolen items can make theft charges disappear. While this wouldn’t dismiss a case or void an arrest, it is still a show of good faith. Returning stolen property could lead to a more favorable outcome in court, depending on circumstances. In situations like this, it’s important to consult with an experienced lawyer for theft. Patrick Sharpe is a petty theft lawyer who is ready to help. You can call the office today for a free consultation.

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